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Скачать с ютуб 3: Big Picture Questions | How to Improve LSAT Reading Comp

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In this 3rd lesson in our series, we look at big picture question types such as Main Point, Primary Purpose, and Primary Concern, while refining our big picture reading skills from the first two lessons.

00:00 Video Series Info / Read-a-long Option
01:09 Big Picture Question family
02:07 Read 1st Passage (PT65, psg 2)
02:40 Breakdown of 1st Passage (archivists)
08:30 Review Main Point question (PT65, P2, Q8)
13:51 Read 2nd Passage (PT71, psg 3)
14:13 Breakdown of 2nd Passage (superstars)
16:18 Review Main Point question (PT71, S3, Q14)
19:14 Primary Purpose question (PT71, S3, Q18)
21:36 Summary slides for Main Point / Primary Purpose
22:46 Read 3rd Passage (PT71, psg 1)
23:27 Breakdown of 3rd Passage (sam gilliam)
25:06 Review Primary Concern question (PT71, P1, Q1)
28:20 Closing thoughts

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