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Скачать с ютуб How to Become a Successful Entrepreneur with Pat Flynn

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Ep. 100 - Put on your party hats, pop some bubbly and get ready because we’re going to celebrate arriving at episode 100 of the podcast and for this very special occasion, I’m beyond excited to bring on a very special guest; a world-class entrepreneur, host of the Smart Passive Income Podcast (which has 65+ million downloads at this point) and Wall Street Journal Best Selling Author…Pat Flynn!

In this interview, Pat shares several invaluable tips on how to become a successful entrepreneur from overcoming fear and risk when starting your business, to focusing on the right goals and metrics for your business, delegation and scaling and even being a lonely entrepreneur with a family who doesn’t understand what you’re doing and more. Pat offers advice based on his journey in becoming a leader in the entrepreneurial space that I know you’re going to take so much inspiration from.

For me personally, Pat has been a huge mentor and inspiration to me over the years as a family man entrepreneur and I’ve been a student of his through several courses and am now a member of his SPIpro community, so needless to say, getting him on the show was a big time bucket list item for me :)

I hope you enjoy this talk as much as I did!

In This Episode

02:25 - How to be successful
04:50 - Greeting to Pat
06:17 - Pat’s story
16:23 - Letting go of the ladder
18:01 - Feeling lonely
19:53 - Letting go of \"supposed to\"
23:02 - Living with parents
24:15 - Perception is reality
26:02 - Fear of success
29:46 - Sign of resistance
34:08 - Risk scenarios
36:50 - Who has done it before
40:44 - Being the “crazy”
43:28 - Know what you want
45:44 - Unpack your goals
48:15 - Zone of genius
50:14 - Start small investment
53:04 - Consider your time
56:10 - Rollercoaster ride
1:00:59 - Where to find Pat
1:01:39 - The big question

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